Monday, October 8, 2012

At the city square!

Dear Family and Friends, On Saturday afternoon, Sister Izatt and I were out in the city square, talking to everybody, while four weddings were going on in the surrounding churches and city halls. Every Saturday we get to see brides, and sometimes we talk to their wedding parties :) As we were walking, we stopped a young man and began contacting him in Slovak. He responded, "English?" "Why, yes, of course!" we said. "Where are you from?" "Lithuania," he responded. He's here to study for several months. He said he was a believer, and we began talking about what we do. His name, in English, is Paul. Paul taught me something very important that day. He told us that his sister was a believer in Jesus Christ, and so he decided to look into it when something very difficult had happened in his life. "I talked to a priest," he said, "and he helped me... Just 3-4 weeks ago, I decided to believe in Jesus Christ and now I am a believer!" We bore our testimonies of Christ, and the beauty of his decision. We bore our testimonies of our message, that centers on Him. Paul lives in Zvolen, and so we invited him to come to church with us in Zvolen on Sunday afternoon. Paul came. It was the missionaries, Paul, and two members at church yesterday. He just loved it. We had fast and testimony meeting, even though it was such a small audience. I got up, and I hope it didn't embarass him, but I bore my testimony about Paul. I told our members what he had told us on the street - that he has DECIDED to believe in Jesus Christ. I thought about that statement for the rest of the weekend, as I realized that that is exactly what faith is. Faith is a DECISION. Faith is hope in something we do not see. We cannot gain a testimony of that thing (of Jesus Christ) until we exercise a bit of faith. Paul's faith is quite new, and just budding. However, as he continues to learn of our Savior, that budding hope can turn into strong faith, and then into very powerful knowledge. Because he lives in Zvolen, we passed him onto the Elders. They just love him. I'm so excited to see his progress in the gospel. It was a good week. We are still searching for the prepared, and trying to hold onto to those who have hit trials of their faith. I just love missionary work. It is full of adventures. I haven't been sick my entire mission, and today I woke up puking all over the place :) So much for our well-planned P-day. There are miracles all over the place, though. When Sister Izatt and I were checking out of the grocery store, my card was having some problems. I couldn't focus on that, though, because I could feel my stomach starting to react again. I threw her my wallet, threw my coat and scarf in the shopping cart, and ran outside to throw up in a bush. In the midst of my puking, a young girl came from the side, holding out a package of kleenex. People are so kind :) I love this work, and I love to bear testimony of Jesus Christ so very often. It is really a blessing, a special gift in this short life we have, to serve a full-time mission. I am so grateful for the many beautiful moments I have seen, and continue to see. Love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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