Monday, September 24, 2012

We are in a bit of a dip, and are seeking....

Dear Family and Friends, The work is going well. We are in a bit of a dip, and are seeking the prepared, and praying for miracles and the ability to love all like the Savior did. What a purifying experience my mission has been and continues to be. Last night Sister Izatt and I had an interesting conversation about the phases our missions have gone through, and the struggles, doubts, fogs, and dips that we have experienced as we've sought to serve the Lord and spread his gospel. I feel like my soul has been expanded on my mission and I've gained an extreme attitude of caution about my testimony. I realize now how easily it can be dented, or even shattered. I realize how important it is to fervently study the scriptures, truly communicate with God through prayer, and continually be around other members of the church (who exhibit the good fruit of the gospel). I have been truly grateful for the Spirit over the last couple weeks, which has brought back to my remembrance very special moments when the Spirit, like fire, has born witness to my soul that the gospel is true, Christ is my Savior, and the Church of Jesus Christ is God's true church. Today I spent a few hours writing a letter to a recent convert in Brno, telling her my thoughts, and committing her to make a commitment to never leave the church, and never forget her testimony. I wish that exhortation could be enough to keep her true and faithful for the rest of her life, but it will always be on her to make those choices. As a representative of the Lord, however, I will continue to bear witness of the truth, and exhort people to repent, and to just hang on. Oh, how I wish Satan would take a break and leave all these precious, beautiful people alone, but we know that we came here to be tested, and we know that we came here to show our faith and our love to our Heavenly Father. How could we do that without opposition and choices? The Spirit in missionary work is so important. Without the Spirit, it really is quite awful work, haha. No one would want to do this work without the Spirit, for all it would be is rejection, tragedy, and disappointment. With the Spirit, you can feel the beautiful, purifying love of the Savior for each soul that you talk to. With the Spirit, people come to know truth, and you get to watch their faith grow. With the Spirit, it's worth it to push through all the doubts, temptations, rejection, and insults to get to those who are truly seeking, and who are willing to make that true change of heart. Love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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