Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Surprise Transfers!

Dear Family and Friends, Well, I have a few surprises for you today. Since we didn't have any new missionaries coming in this transfer (which causes us to have transfers on Wednesdays), President Irwin pulled a fast one on us and had us all transfer on Monday, the mission's normal P-day. Sister Clark and I were out contacting on the streets when President called us at about 8:45 PM and told us the news. "Sister Clark!" he said. "You will be staying in Prague!" She screamed "Yay!" I was confused. President then asked, "May I please speak to Sister Brimhall?" She passed the phone to me. "Sister Brimhall! How do you like traveling by train?" "I love it, President!" I responded. "Well, you're going to be on one for a long time - you're going to Banska Bystrica (IN SLOVAKIA) with Sister Izatt!" Surprise! So, after almost a whole day of travel on Monday, I've been serving in Slovakia and have just been loving being back with Sister Izatt again. We get along so well, and we were both so grateful to have another chance to serve together. Sister Izatt and Pysnakova opened Slovakia back up to sisters last transfer in Banska, and have done an outrageously good job at getting this city moving. It's an interesting set up here. I have yet to meet the members, but from what I've learned, there are about 3 members that attend church regularly. Another one is in the middle of being reactivated. We have one Melchizedek priesthood holder, who runs the unit, and we're hoping that the young man who was recently reactivated will be able to receive the Melchizedek priesthood soon, so that this unit can turn into a branch. Because of some interesting events as of late, President also opened up a smaller city called Zvolen, which is about half an hour by train out of Banska. He has a threesome of elders there, and a senior couple that helps us so much. Just yesterday we got confirmation on a place the last-transfer missionaries were looking at, and we will be able to meet in a regular place for church in Zvolen now! We currently run two "units" as a district. The elders come up on Sunday morning to help us run a 2-hour, condensed church meeting, since we need the priesthood. Then we go down to Zvolen to have sacrament meeting there, since they need more bodies, in order to actually have a meeting. The church is tiny here, but the few active members that we do have, are just wonderfully strong saints - true pioneers. I still know very little about the area's situation, but I'll of course fill you in on a lot more next Monday - my p-days are back to Mondays. You're possibly wondering - don't they speak a different language in Slovakia? Yes, they do. It could be compared to Spanish and Portuguese, but it's probably a bit closer. Slovakians have no problem understanding Czechs, as they grow up with a lot of media, etc. from the Czech Republic. The older generation tends to speak both languages, but the younger generation doesn't anymore, and younger Czechs often have a hard time understanding Slovak at all, because they don't come in contact with it as often. When I met Slovaks in the Czech Republic, I could definitely communicate with them, no problem, but understanding was definitely rockier. SPEAKING Slovak, however, is a whole new world. We try to bring the gospel to all in their OWN language, and so I'm trying my best to pick up as much Slovak as I can, as quickly as I can! Everything is so similar, and the changes are so little, but NOTHING is exactly the same, and so there are changes to be made in everything I say. People often think we're from Poland, as we sort of speak a mix of both languages, haha. All in all, it's just been a ball. I coudn't be happier to be here with Sister Izatt and to have a chance to serve in the Slovak Republic, and serve again in a place where the church is just at it's beginnings. I love missionary work, and I know that this work is the work of the Lord. This is His church, and He is working miracles around us in order that it is sustained and continues to grow. Michael, I wish you luck on your farewell talk this weekend! I'll be thinking about you, as you begin your own adventure. I love you all! Love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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