Sunday, September 9, 2012

The weeks are flying by!

Dear Family and Friends, The weeks have started flying by again. My mission, thank goodness, had slowed down for the last couple transfers, but I hardly know where the last couple weeks have went, and in just a week and a half we will be transferring again! Last Saturday was the baptism of Honza. It was just simple and beautiful, and my most favorite part about it was that his good friend in the branch was able to baptize him. It is so wonderful when our investigators develop real relationships with the members before they are baptized. It was a really special day for the both of them, and we were grateful to be there as bystanders. So much focus on baptism during my mission and especially in the last couple transfers has really deepened my understanding of what my baptismal covenant truly means. I made it at a much younger age, but it is the same covenant that each of these investigators will make. That baptismal covenant is so simple, and so unbelievably beautiful. As I have studied more and more about what it entails, and as I prepared for my talk last Saturday, in the end I just had a deep desire to be a better person! To help and to serve and to love and to reach out and care for all my brothers and sisters around me - for every person that crosses my path! Essentially, I have had such a burning desire to be more like my Savior. The greatest thing about being like the Savior is that you know that that path is good, safe, happy, and leads to a good, safe, and unbelievably happy destination. A challenge for investigators, especially for our dear, Czech investigators who are so cautious and skeptical, is to embrace the good that comes into their life, and believe that it is good and true, through and through, and that there are no dark corners or hidden secrets that will disappoint you later in the gospel of Jesus Christ. The whole path, when we continue to follow it, is all good, it is all true, and it will ALWAYS lead you to the right destination. Oy, I just love missionary work! What joy I have been blessed to feel on my mission! The week was a tougher one in the way that multiple of our investigators decided to give up. It's difficult to see that. There are two investigators in particular that let us know this week that they just didn't want to continue. For each of those two investigators, the situation in which we found them was a clear miracle. For one, we were in an odd place of town, at an odd time, for an odd reason, and we just bumped into him. He happened to be thirsting for a return to spirituality in his life lately. For the other, we were doing a singing display, and Sister Clark saw him across the square and for no apparent reason, ran after him! He is also in the midst of finding the right path. In the beginning, we told each of them that they might face difficulties as they begin to learn about the message, for this message is true, and in order to achieve something so good and true, often we'll need to overcome a mountain or two. It allows us to exercise our faith and to rely on our Heavenly Father in those moments of growth. They did face difficulties. And to our great disappointment, they didn't exercise the faith and energy to overcome them. May we all remember that trials and difficulties are not excuses for us to turn our face to the Lord or to be lazy. Those trials and difficulties are blessings. They are put in our path so that we can grow. Expect them, and make the decision NOW to overcome them. I just love my Savior. I love Heavenly Father's plan. I love the Book of Mormon. I love how that book helps so many people that I love, and brings light into my life and theirs. God lives. And I know that He loves us. Love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall P.S. I've attached pictures from a little adventure our district took today out to a little place called Kutna Hora (it's about an hour train ride outside of Prague). There, you can find a church that if FULL of bones from the casualties of the Hussite wars if I have my history correct. We also went to see another really beautiful cathedral nearby, and of course, there was a great view. We had hardly any time, so I can't tell you much about anything, but I can tell you it was pretty and it was fun!

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