Monday, August 27, 2012

The work in Prague!

Dear Family and Friends, Mother - I can't wait to run with you! Abby - Happy Birthday this week! Michael - Happy Birthday tomorrow! Danny - Hope you are loving school again! Dad - Thank you for the pictures you sent. Hope the family reunion was wonderful. Well, well, the week was pumped with miracles! I feel like I've become so deeply rooted in the work here in Prague that it's almost odd to think I ever served anywhere else, even though I have journals full of experiences with different people in different places. It will be quite odd to finish and step back and see my mission as a whole again. It's been such a blessing, however, to be able to focus so much on the now and work so hard in the present. There are too many stories to tell, but I will tell you of one investigator of ours, who we love very, very much. He has been investigating the church for about 10 months now, and has been taught by many sister companionships in the meantime. I always say he is the most beautiful soul I have ever met, because he truly is. He's really just an ordinary 30-year-old guy, who has an ordinary job, and looks pretty ordinary to top it off. However, everyone who meets him is deeply impressed by the humble spirit he has inside of him, and the light of Christ that radiates from him. We have had quite the spiritual journey with this investigator. I can hardly begin to explain it. However, a few weeks ago, we challenged him to read the Book of Mormon AGAIN, from the beginning. Since that time, we have seen a new light come into him, and he has begun to have hope again that he can receive his answer. He keeps all the commandments, and studies and prays incredibly diligently, but for some reason, the heavens have been silent for him. While an outsider, and sometimes this very investigator, may find it unfair that Heavenly Father can answer so many others in a matter of 2-3 months time, but makes this young man wait for so long, I know that Heavenly Father knows him personally and has a plan for how his soul ought to develop. Over the last few weeks, baptism has come up many, many times. It has been on his mind. However, over the last 10 months, he has never accepted a baptismal date, which he could work towards, because he always said he needed his answer first. After a chain of events, Sister Clark and I felt the time was right to challenge him again to accept a date. When he walked into our meeting on Wednesday, I knew it was going to be quite an intense meeting. You could just feel it. Long story short, we sat down with him and our member and had a discussion on the meaning of the covenant of baptism. Sister clark then extended the date. You could see him tense a bit. I tried to explain the reason behind having a date, and how we truly believed it could be conducive to him getting an answer. I don't even remember what I said at that point, but I just remember he was waffling, and I got to the point whereI had no idea what to say, and Sister Clark ( found out later) was hearing the Spirit tell her, "Do NOT speak right now!" After a few moments, our member spoke up and said, "Why not just try it?" and he bore his testimony that it could help. Our investigator then said that he had already tried to rampu up his study and intensify his prayer in order to get an answer before, but he felt like all he ever hears is silence. As the two of them spoke, I felt like one of the clearest pieces of inspiration fell into my head - I knew exactly what to say. I told him that sometimes when all we hear is silence to questions we have in parayer, Heavenly Father desires for us to take a step and make the decision on our own. We have the assurety, however, that if we make a wrong decision, one that will take us down a bad path, Heavenly Father will interfere and stop us, because He loves us. I mentioned to our investigator a time not too long ago, when he had almost sent us a message, telling us he wanted to quit. However, in that same hour, we called him and told him we had just found his Book of Mormon in the chapel, he must have left it at church the day before, could we return it to him right away? Heavenly Father had interfered. He stopped him in going down the wrong path. I bore my testimony that if he chose to go the other way, if he accepted a date of baptism, and worked towards it with faith, Heavenly Father would stop him if it was wrong, but if it was right, he would support him! After a moment of two, he said, "Alright. I will try my best." I said, "Ok." and we knelt in prayer. It was a beautiful meeting, and it was a beautiful week. We asked him to work towards a goal at the end of September. It will be a time of incredible prayer and fasting on our part and on his. I know this gospel is true and I know Heavenly Father loves us and desires for us to have truth. If we will seek the truth sincerely, there may be times when we'll have to take a step into the dark. However, we have the promise from a loving Heavenly Father that He will always catch us if we fall and guide us in the right. Love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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