Tuesday, August 14, 2012

President Irwin

Greetings from the Czech/Slovak Mission ! Sister Irwin and I want to take this opportunity of writing to all of our “parents” to express our appreciation for your wonderful children. So far this year we have been well blessed with visits from two Apostles. During my conversations with Elders Christofferson and Holland I mentioned to them that I thought that the Brethren and Heavenly Father were particularly favourable to this Mission in the calling of excellent missionaries – both of them readily agreed. Your children continue to bless our lives as we work closely together to assist our Father in Heaven in His purpose to ‘bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.’ The missionaries are tremendously important to Heavenly Father and it was made very clear to Sister Irwin and I when we were at the Mission President’s Seminar that they way the Brethren will judge whether or not we have succeeded as a Mission President will be in twenty years when they look at the lives of our missionaries – no mention of creating a Stake in the Mission or the number we baptize – rather the impact we have had through our missionary labours on the eternal journey of these great young people. As a Mission we have a vision of the growth of the church here over the next five years. Essential to the achievement of the goals of this vision is the obedience, faith and work ethic of our missionaries. Currently we rate highly in these areas but we know that we cannot be complacent in these and that what we are is more important than what we were and what we are becoming is even more important than that. We recognize that we cannot build the church here on our own. As a consequence we are placing a great emphasis on teaching our lessons to investigators with a member present. We know that as this takes place the members are strengthened by the spirit of missionary work and their willingness to embrace their responsibilities in this area will increase. Our goal for the end of this year is to be teaching 160 lessons a week with a member present. It is also a goal of ours for each of the companionships to be teaching 21 lessons a week. Opportunities for success in these areas will differ slightly depending on the Branch where our missionaries serve however we know that as we learn to plan carefully and prayerfully then we will see success no matter where we labour. Thank you for the e-mails, letters and packages you send to your missionary. They love you and your support means a great deal to them. I hope that we have finally managed to ascertain the best way for packages to come. May I request once more that should you have any negative news that needs to be shared with your missionary please send me an e-mail and make me aware of the situation. All of our missionaries are a long way from home and I am anxious that I am able to give them as much support as they need. Sometimes missionaries become aware of family problems over which they have no influence or control, and these situations can make them very sad. Should you need them to be aware of any such news please let me know. My personal e-mail address is dirwin@ldschurch.org Thank you once again – and congratulations to each of you for having reared such wonderful young people. We love them and we will have an eternal interest in their lives. Sincerely – David Irwin

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