Saturday, August 4, 2012

It was a good week!

Dear Family and Friends, It was a good week! Just before we came here, we taught three 20-year-olds. It was a first meeting, and all we really got to teaching was prayer, and that God loves us, but I am constantly astounded at the young people who are sincerely searching, reaching for something more than what they have. The young man I originally contacted was a goof ball, but he had the most profound questions. I like contacting goof balls. It means I can be a goof ball back. He came to the meeting with his two friends, another young man and a young woman. To be honest, through the whole thing, the original young man was quite skeptical. At the end, he said he just really couldn't believe it. He was trying so hard to do well in life, and not harm anyone else, and work hard, but he's still poor and unsatisfied! How can he believe in a God, unless He does something for him, or helps him in some way? We testified. We promised blessings. We told him to pray at home, to try it, and he would be able to see for himself. He said he would come to church tomorrow, hopefully with his mother :) This week we have also continued to teach the older man, who is quite the Bible buff. At the beginning of the week, we had a lesson that wasn't super pleasant. The discussion got a little heated between our investigator and the member. However, we had another lesson with him yesterday. I prayed that we might have the Spirit with us, and that we might all be uplifted and learn. If we do not have the Spirit with us, we have no right to be talking about such sacred things. We prayed, and asked him about his reading. While we had a lesson planned about the Plan of Salvation, we got on the topic of the importance of authority in Christ's church, and in receiving saving ordinances, such as baptism. I felt the Spirit sort of grip me, and I proceeded to lay a series of questions before our investigator. He is such an educated man with the Bible, that he had all the knowledge he needed - he just needed to put it into order, in order to understand our message. Through this series of questions, and very little teaching, our investigator taught himself the restoration. We were all uplifted - we all learned. It was a really beautiful experience. The nerves and intimidation we felt before the lesson were replaced by the Spirit, and excitement for this man. He said he would be baptized if he came to know these things are true. If we keep the Spirit with us, I know that he will receive that confirmation that they ARE true. I apologize for the short email this week! I love you all, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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