Sunday, July 29, 2012

Elder Holland came to our branch.

Dear Family and Friends, What an eventful week! After I emailed last Saturday, Sister Clark and I headed off to Brno to go see the baptism of the young woman from Bratislava, Slovakia that I taught in Brno - the one who just walked into church one Sunday. We got there a couple minutes before the service started, and then left during the closing song. It was short, but it was worth it. She was so happy, and all the missionaries who taught her, from Brno and from Bratislava came in for the baptism. The branch was super supportive, and I was just overwhelmed again by how much I love those people in Brno. The next day, on Sunday, we had quite an interesting church service, as the apostle Elder Holland came! There we were, Sister Clark and I, waiting in the foyer for our investigators to come, and in walked President Irwin, then Sister Irwin, then a group of nice-looking Americans - Elder Holland and his family. I shook the hands of what must have been his children, and then, before I knew it, Elder Holland was shouting at us, "Sisters! I hear the Czech sisters are the best sisters in the world!" He shook each of our hands, we just smiled back, and then his family filed in to the chapel. It was quite a surreal experience to see Elder Holland, pounding the pulpit in our Prauge chapel. He said many beautiful things to our members and about this country. He talked about the attention the general authorities get, but that the true miracle of this church is the members here. "YOU are the miracle!" he said again and again. Bronislav had been ordained to the Aaronic priesthood at the beginning of the meeting, and so the most touching part of the meeting for me was when Elder Holland mentioned him specifically, and called him a miracle. I shed a few tears as I looked at Bronislav, a young man who has never been recognized as special or important in his life. He truly is a miracle. The rest of the week was interesting in the way that it was just really quite exhausting. Sister Clark has the gift of unending energy. I don't. I've never been a morning person and my mission has proved that I never will be, ha. We taught a lot of lessons in the late evening hours and many of our members and investigators have been under a good amount of stress. As a missionary, you always seem to take on your investigators' struggles or worries. You worry with them, pray with them, plead with Heavenly Father for them that they may receive the answers they seek, or the strength and comfort they may need. One day this week was especially exhausting. We ended it with a first meeting at someone's home at 8PM. This man has read the Bible 24 times, and been baptized a couple times. He truly seeks truth, and he always says he has given up on finding it in a church (despite the fact that he has now started investigating ours). Essentially, it had been an exhausting day, and it was an exhausting lesson with all the complicated discussion and questions in Czech, that at the end of the lesson, when the man kept doubting the need and divinity of the Book of Mormon, all my exhausted sould could do was interrupt his protest and exclaim, "When you read the Book of Mormon, Sir, you will know it is from God!" He sat back, smiled at me, and then said, "Alright, I will read it." I know the Book of Mormon is from God. It is our Heavenly Father's manifestation of love to His children in this day. He has given us more of His word. May we all appreciate our scriptures more - the Bible, the Book of Mormon, and all the standard works. They are just a few words compared to all the dealings of our Heavenly Father with His children. They must be incredibly important, and we should treat them as precious. The scriptures literally change my life every day, and I have seen them bring light into the lives of so many in this country. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ and am so thankful for the light it brings into my life. Love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall P.S. These pictures are from a trip we took today to the spot where Czechoslovakia was dedicated for the preaching of the gospel, 83 years ago. It was a small number of us from the Prague branch, but it was a ball! I love those people.

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