Sunday, July 22, 2012

Transfers, staying in Prague!

Dear Family and Friends, It is always so good to hear from home. It makes me so happy to hear that my family is so happy. Abby, thank you so much for your email last week and the pictures. I wish I could have written BACK to everyone more on my mission, but know that I love and appreciate every update I get - Diana, thank you for your email! It put big smiles on my face :) I love missionary work. I really, really, really love it. I can hardly describe the feelings I have towards my mission - seeing the gospel at work in it's most beginning stages in a human's soul, and seeing the progress that develops from that time on is.. magical. This week we had transfers! I will be staying as Prague, as I expected, and I am so glad. You never want to leave a city - you start loving the people too much. However, when you are called to transfer, you always find out that there's people in the next city that you'll love just as much. Sister Sears left to go serve in my birthplace of Ceske Budejovice, and she swapped places with Sister Clark, who will be serving here with me! Sister Clark is from Bountiful, Utah, from the same ward as Sister Pysnakova, ha. I was so excited to have her come up, because all I heard about her is that she oozes with love and sincerity. It's true. We were out contacting on the street just yesterday and we stopped a young man who began talking to us. He had all sorts of complicated questions, which were a little above Sister Clark's Czech, so I tried to answer them as best I could. He was super cool, but I didn't think our conversation had led him to be interested enough to learn more. However, Sister Clark jumped in and bore her testimony about how we don't have all the answers now, but when we build a relationship with Heavenly Father through prayer, we can receive the answers and inspiration that we truly need in our lives. I watched his face completely change as he listened to her bear her sweet testimony. When she finished, I asked, "We would love to meet with you. Can we set up something next week?" He turned to me and said, "Yeah.. yeah, I think that would be good." Missionary work is the best.
(Singing and Teaching on the streets of Prague) This week we taught B... a lot of his recent convert lessons. He's going to be receiving the Aaronic Priesthood this Sunday at church, and he's so excited to really help and serve people the best he can with that privilege of the priesthood and with his testimony of Christ. It is by small and simple things that the Lord can make great things come to pass - that is B.... He isn't afraid to tell people he meets, "I believe in Jesus Christ now," whenever he faces any sort of temptation. He is really something. He keeps telling us how much more joyful and peaceful he feels. He says his relationship with his mother has even improved. He even taught a new investigator with some of the elders yesterday. He really wants to serve. I am constantly astounded at the amount of light he came with - you can see Christ in him very clearly. One thing I love about B.... is that he loves the scriptures. When we asked him about his reading earlier this week, he swept his han across his chest and said, smiling, "I just always feel so hot inside when I read the scriptures...that must be the Holy Ghost, right?" Some other big news is that this week we're going to have a special visitor at church. Elder Holland just happens to be passing through Prague, on vacation with his family, so we're going to have the privilege of seeing him at church! I think he's going to be speaking, but I'm not sure. Either way, we're super excited because we've got a good line up of investigators coming this week. We're praying that all goes well! I love this work because it helps people, blesses people, brings joy and meaning into the lives of all. It has that effect because the message is from God, and it is true. It is true - we can build a relationship with God and we have a Savior who showed us the way to true happiness in this life and also in the life to come. I know the gospel of Jesus Christ has been restored through the prophet Joseph Smith. I know that for myself because I did the work and read and prayed about it. My testimony is strengthened each day as I see others read and pray as well, and I see how the words of the Book of Mormon and the principles of the restored gospel literally change EVERY sincere seeker's life for the BETTER. When an investigator reads the Book of Mormon, he DOES come closer to God. When they read, they INEVITABLY strengthen their faith in Christ. My mission is proof. This gospel is true, the church is God's one, true church. I am thankful for the opportunity to share that knowledge with others. I love you all, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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