Saturday, July 14, 2012

Refreshments are stunning from the sisters!

Dear Family and Friends, It has been such a beautiful, powerful week. I feel like I say that about every week of my mission. It often pains me that I have to try and put it into words in such a short amount of time - I can never do it justice. There were many beautiful moments.. receiving very direct inspiration in prayer for specific investigators, preparing Bronislav for his baptism that happened today, teaching a Russian man who spoke only a few words of Czech and English (I don't know how we did it), teaching lessons with a kind of boldness that can only be mustered when someone's salvation is on the line. Just a couple hours ago, we finished cleaning up from the baptism we had this morning for a young man named B..... Baptisms are very special. His mother and younger sister came in from where they live, an hour away, which made him very happy. I stuck by his mom during the service, and prayed the whole time that she would feel the spirit there. Afterwards, I was able to talk to her a lot while we had refreshments (Baptisms put on by sisters always have stunning refreshments :)). I learned a lot more about him. He came from a life of sadness, and a family life that continues to be plagued by sorrow. From the way he behaves in such a kind and polite manner, Sister Sears and I knew that he must have come from a mother with her head on straight. She was a very kind woman, but you could see that as she spoke about her son, she felt she had not done enough. She felt that she had been a bad mother, and that as a result, her son didn't have the kind of faith or confidence in himself that he ought to have to make something out of himself. First, I told her how impressed we have been with his character, and that we know it could have only come from what was done in the home. The world does not teach such character. I then bore my testimony to this poor mother of the effect the gospel has had on her son. I told her very honestly how shy and closed he was at the beginning, but how he has opened himself up and begun to develop relationships with the members here. He diligently seeks for better work, and diligently studies the gospel. He bore his testimony at the end of the service that prayer truly works. Because of his goodness and prayers, as he was selling these little keychains on the street, two people approached him and offered him job opportunities this week. He now has trainings to attend and interviews at many places. Our lessons with him leading up to the baptism this week have been some of the sweetest moments of my mission. I've felt a kind of love for this young man that just can't be mine. As I prayed last night that all would go well today, Heavenly Father filled my heart with His love for this son of God. There's no sweeter feeling than God's love for His children. I've been able to feel it very often during my mission. This week we have been meeting often with a young man named P..... He's a really incredible, smart, young man that has the greatest sense of humor. He is preparing for baptism in August. However, the lessons have been a bit difficult with him, as we don't feel like he's been opening up to us or really reacting to the lessons we teach. We don't teach these lessons just to teach lessons. Our goal is to help people develop their faith and come closer to Christ. Information about the gospel does nothing for us if we do not apply it in our lives. Remember that! Anway, one night this week, I knelt down in prayer and I asked Heavenly Father what we could do for him. We had planned to teach him about the principle of repentance the next day. As I knelt there, I began to imagine how the lesson would happen, waiting for the spirit to fill in the words that would be said. Very suddenly, the words "forgiveness of others" fell into my head. I almost pushed it aside and kept praying until I realized that I had just received very clear revelation. I wrote it down, and then went to sleep. The next day, Sister Sears and I talked about it and planned a lesson for him with that thought in mind. Oh my, what a special lesson it was. Pavel had just read 1 Nephi 7, which tells a story that very clearly illustrates the principles of repentance and forgiveness. We naturally fell onto the topic, and then I told him we had actually been planning on talking about those things today. "Really?" he said. I told him he didn't need to tell us specifics, but I asked if he had ever been in a situation like Nephi was, where he needed to forgive. "Yes," he said, "Of course." He then began to lay out certain things about his life that have been quite difficult for him, and a large situation in his life right now that has been causing a lot of pain and frustration. He has felt injured by multiple people that are very close to him, and he has been struggling to know how to forgive. I couldn't believe my ears. We didn't know anything about those things. We had no idea. But Pavel's Heavenly Father did. Since that lesson, we have spoke more about the principle of forgiveness. I've realized more and more what a difficult one it is, and it has proved to be difficult for him to accept. However, I know that Heavenly Father loves this young man very much, and that the atonement of Jesus Christ is the healing power that will help him make things right and restore peace into his life. I love this work. I love being here. I love the gospel, which can change people from the inside out, cleanse us from top to bottom, bring us peace that is beyond description. I know that Jesus Christ is our Savior. I know that his gospel has been restored in it's fulness. I know that the words God brought forth in the Book of Mormon can bring powerful peace and understanding into our lives. Love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall P.S. I have wonderful news! The young student who we were teaching in Brno, who was from Bratislava, received her answer this week! She had been hesitating for a long time, but thanks to the inspiration of the sister missionaries in Brno, a chain of other miracles, and very sincere prayer on her

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