Sunday, June 3, 2012

One of the Highlights!

Dear Family and Friends, Abby, thank you for sending on the photos of Michael's graduation! I saw him and his friends lined up, and I could hardly believe that all those boys that used to be so young are now at the beginnings of adulthood. I also received his graduation announcement. Thank you! My whole district got to see :) So much has happened at home in the last, short year. I feel like it will be such a different scene when I return. Something else that I'm realizing more and more, is what a different person I will come home as. Perhaps the scene at home won't be as different as I imagine, but I know that the eyes I look out of will have changed in many ways. I am profoundly grateful for the honor to serve a mission, in this country, around people who God put around me to mold me and shape me in the ways He needs. I saw His shaping power in a very real way before my mission, and I've seen that preparation turn out to be incredibly handy during this phase in my life. I feel His shaping power in a very real way now, and I'm sure that in the next phase of my life's journey, that that preparation will again be of great use. It's incredible how well He knows us, isn't it? I've thought often of the testimony Danny sent me a few weeks ago - that Heavenly Father gives each of His children specific trials and experiences, customized to their weaknesses and needs to achieve eternal life and perfection. Having been on my mission for a good amount of time now, I'm able to look back on the stories and journeys of so many people I have taught. I'm able to see the hand of the Lord so clearly, and the wisdom of His dealings with each one of us. I've come to learn on a deeper level the value of humbling yourself and putting your trust in the Lord's plan for you. I've seen many make that leap of faith; I've seen many harden their hearts and turn away; we're working with many now who are going through the same learning process. We pray every day that they will finally make the jump and find out that the Lord was always there to catch them. I'm astounded at the schedule at home! There's so many things going on I just gave up trying to figure out your schedule, haha! I hope you have a fantastic summer. Mom, I've been thinking this week that I would like to catch up to the rest of you and really pick up running when I get home. I hope that job is a good experience for you! Sister Sears is a runner, so it's been great to get out in the mornings and run around our neighborhood in Prague. We live in a very nice area, and there's fantastic parks and university buildings all around us. I really enjoy the mornings. I also wanted to thank you for this line in your email, "Our Savior was not in a hurry on this earth, just dedicated and diligent, never seemed to be as rushed as we think we should be." This very morning I was thinking a lot about the life of the Savior - how he would have walked through the cities, what he would have done in times where there was no task immediately in front of him... I figured I should probably work and act quite similarly to the Savior on my mission, as the purposes of each ministry are really quite similar. I realized the very same thing that you said in your email - he probably wasn't in a hurry, just dedicated and diligent. He probably wasn't as hurried as I often feel like I need to be. That's a new goal for me for the last phase of my mission - to serve as the Savior did, dedicated and diligent, sensitive and aware. Well, it was another beautiful week! What else did you expect? I LOVE missionary work! Just one of the highlights of the week was that President allowed Sister Sears and I to travel down to Brno on Wednesday afternoon to see the baptism of the investigator we we were teaching before my transfer! It was so simple and beautiful. We rode the train down - the trip takes 2.5 hours. Then, we got to stay for about 2 hours in Brno to travel to the building, see the baptism, and travel back to the train station :) President is good to us - he wants us to see those baptisms. A good amount of the branch came and so it was good to see them all again. His family is still very against his joining the church, and so nobody from his family came to support him. However, as one of my past investigators who came said, while looking around at the room full of people, "These people are really like a family." I smiled and said, "I know. It's a good feeling, huh?" He was just beaming through the whole thing - a ball of sunshine in his white jumper and his black sneakers. I went to congratulate him and say goodbye afterwards, and said, "You're baptized!" He smiled back and said, "I know! It was the best feeling." I feel honored to have been able to teach such a humble, prepared young man, who recognized the truth from the moment he saw it. He so humbly and sincerely said to me, "Thank you for everything you did for me." As I rode home on the train that night, I realized that the truth of it was that he, with his Nephi-like faith, did everything himself. With a sincere heart, and earnest prayers, he made his way on his own. Sister Pysnakova and I were only the Lord's instruments through it all, to bring him the message that would change his life. I've never felt such a fulness of joy as I have on my mission. I am thankful to the Lord for the sacred moments, like this baptism, that I have been able to experience. I love this gospel and I know Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior. True joy comes in following him! I love you all, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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i'm a friend of lucy's and just got home from my mission. Do you have her e-mail address?