Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Very sweet week.

Dear Family and Friends, This week was a very sweet one, with powerful experiences with the spirit. We had a meeting with our most progressing and fantastic investigator from England. It was a really special lesson. We had something else planned, but for some reason we got onto the topic of following the example of Christ and putting off the natural man. He said, since he's been meeting with the sisters, that he has started reviewing his entire life. He hasn't been doing it consciously; rather, he finds himself just thinking about past situations and events in his life, and how he maybe could have reacted better. He looked up and said, "I don't know what you've done to me! Or is it even related at all to what you've been teaching me?" I looked him straight in the eyes and said, "I think it is very closely related, Dave." We explained how that is the beginnings of repentace. The more we learn about God's plan for us and the life of our Savior, the more sensitive we become to the spirit, and the righteousness of our choices. Though it has been such a peculiar experience for him, it brought me so much joy to see the fruits of true repentance in him. He then asked, "Well, I've been thinking.. if there really is this Holy Spirit around us to guide us, why do people react in the ways they do? For example, jealousy and things like that...?" Sister Sears and I simultaneously opened our Books of Mormon to Mosiah 3:19. For the rest of the hour we had a discussion about how faith in Christ and love of God changes our character and how we treat our fellow man. We were hoping for an opportunity to show Dave how we can get answers in the Book of Mormon. Luckily, that morning, I had been studying in the Mosiah chapters and we were able to read some passages from Mosiah 4, about how it works. It's really difficult to explain how strong the spirit was in that meeting, but we were able to learn so much more about our investigator and his life, and he was able to learn so much more about how faith in God can only improve his life. He also told us that he hadn't been praying very much over the last several days. It was just so new to him, and he didn't feel so comfortable with it. He didn't know what to say to God. Sister Sears and I bore testimony of the power and importance of prayer, and that when we speak with God more, we will come to know Him more, just like in a friendship with anyone we may know. At the end of our beautiful meeting, we all got on our knees and Dave offered the prayer... "Dear God.. Ok well, I would just like to start by making a commitment with you right now that I will keep in touch with you more often. The sisters have shown me how keeping this faith in you can only benefit my life..." He went on to give a very simple, sincere prayer. I heard him choke up at the end, and while I couldn't help but laugh inside at the situation of a grown man crying around two young girls, I just said, "That's what a true prayer is, Dave. You just say what you truly feel." He kind of moved around awkwardly and said, "Yeah, yeah, I just didn't expect to be all emotional!" Sister Sears and I quietly smiled and we all went ahead and left the room. I love this work. It brings me indescribable joy to be a witness of someone else's journey in coming to know our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ. What more could I ask for? I know He loves all of His children, and He desires so much to be a part of our lives. Love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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