Sunday, June 24, 2012

Singing Displays in Prague

Dear Family and Friends, I'm writing to you today a little more tired than usual, and wearing jeans instead of a skirt. Right after this, our district is hopping on a train and going out to see Karlstejn - a castle that I hear is worth seeing, and the place where the Czech Republic was dedicated for missionary work! It should be exciting. I'll try to send pictures next week. I'm a little more tired, because Sister Sears and I had an adventure of a night where one of our appliances decided to go whack and start making all sorts of alarming noises at different times in the night.. haha. There are thousands of the funniest moments in missionary work, and I wish I could record them all. In fact, being a missionary in Prague, you end up hosting people very often, for they come up for trainings or interviews or visa work all the time. Earlier this week we had 7 sisters sleeping in our tiny, little apartment one night. Two of the sisters carried two foam pads across Prague that they got from the mission home, so the situation wouldn't be so bad. It was a grand moment, however, when we knelt down at the end of the night, crowded on our kitchen floor, to do our planning for the next day. We said one, united planning prayer (covering three companionships and three areas), and I really felt the spirit as we knelt there as sister missionaries, all working to help everyone we can to come closer to Christ, wherever we may be serving. I'm not really sure what to tell you about the week. There's so many things and people I could tell you about, but I don't know if I could do them justice in such short time and with just words. I guess a highlight of the week was when we did a singing display as a district out on a city square near our apartment. We did singing displays once a week in Brno, and we do them here in Prague as well. I'm not a big fan of singing in general, but I'm a big fan of singing displays! This is how it works: We have a huge board that says the name of the church and a little about us, and we set it up on this big, wooden easel (yes, we transport it on the busy Metro of Prague). We find some sort of square or open space in the city, where there's lots of foot traffic, and we plant it right there. Then, we gather around it in our little missionary "choir" and we sing hymns in Czech! Two or three missionaries will be out, talking to people about our message, while a little choir gives you some background music :) This week, we happened to pick a place where there was a big Coca-cola attraction. People were handing out free Coke cans left and right. It was perfect, because everyone was getting free Coke, taking a minute to enjoy it, listening to our singing, and talking to us about Christ! Little did the Coke people know that they would be partnering with the Church of Jesus Christ that day to bring people joy. I think I love singing displays so much because it is the most peculiar sight for people to see. There, standing on the corner in suits and skirts, is a bunch of young people, singing about Christ, and enjoying it. Why are they doing that? Sometimes people ask us on the street, "Why aren't you doing something else? You're nice-looking young women who could be doing so much with your lives." When they stop long enough to hear our response, they find out how important this year and a half or two years really is to us. We tell them that we've left lives at home as students or working, being with family, so that we can share with people the most important thing in our lives - the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. We tell them how much it means to us that Christ is our Savior, and that the fulness of his gospel has been restored in these latter-days. Sometimes they get such a confused look on their faces when they see that we're really just normal kids, with a great desire to help others come unto Christ. After bearing my testimony of how much the gospel has blessed me and my family, I often ask them, "How could I NOT share it with people?" I wish everyone I know, all the people I love, could have what I have. I pray that they will all take the time to stop, listen to the message, pray about it, and feel it's truth. I know that every person who will truly consider the message of the restoration of the gospel of Christ will see increased light in their lives. They will see changes that they cannot deny. They will come closer to their Savior and their relationship with Heavenly Father will strengthen. I am grateful for the opportunity to share this message with the people that are around me now - the people in the Czech Republic. I pray that each of us, who knows and feels the truth, will be courageous enough to share it with all those around us, wherever we may be. I love you all! Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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