Saturday, June 9, 2012

We knocked on the door on Sunday evening . . .

Dear Family and Friends, First off, Mom and Dad, thank you for your emails! They made me smile. It has been so entertaining to hear about home as of late. The Brimhalls always seem to have the craziest, most active of summers. If I had kids like yours I don't know how I would keep my head on straight - we do too many things :) I'm so glad Danny is enjoying New York. I wish I could hear those phone calls between him and Dad. I miss hearing about all his law lectures and adventures.. he'll have a lot to catch me up on, haha. Hope the marathon went well for Michael! I'd love to hear the results. Abby, good luck with your summer work! You and Mom going to the outlet malls made me sad that I missed out on the girl time :) I look forward to making it out to St. Louis someday, though. Grandma and Grandpa, thank you for your weekly emails! It's almost unbelievable that the final and fourth Brimhall will be coming through St. George to make it up to college, isn't it? I remember making that trip. I was so nervous about starting somewhere new and going into it all alone. Looking back, I feel like I've grown so much in the last handful of years, and I'm so grateful for all the experiences the Lord has blessed me with, and the people who have been on the sidelines. Every day of a mission is an adventure. Last Monday in the park we met a young mother named Svetlana from Belarus. She has a little curly-haired daughter, named Flora. Every Russian speaker seems to just pick up Czech like nothing, so Svetlana spoke super great Czech. She also speaks English, as she is married to a man from Brazil. Her husband works in theater, she is an artist, and they are both Buddhist. She's just super. Later in the week, we met her again in the park and gave her a Book of Mormon. On this last Sunday, she invited us over to her home to talk more. We hardly expected to have the adventure that we did. We knocked on the door on Sunday evening, and she quickly opened it, hurried us in and whispered, "I brought a homeless lady home from the park. She's in the shower!" Sudddenly, out walked blonde, broad-shouldered Milada, exclaiming, "Good day!" We walked further into the apartment while Svetlana dealt with Milada. I looked around and realized just how cool this family was. There was the most beautiful, joyful art all over the walls, with trinkets from all over the world sitting on the shelves and all over the floor. In the corner were a bunch of tools, wood, and fabrics and half-done puppets and children's toys. Paint bottles and brushes were balancing on towers of junk, and there was Flora, pulling her home-made toy boat around all the chaos. In the middle of it all, someone else rang the doorbell and in walked Svetlana's friend, dressed in a big, long skirt, with bracelets and necklaces and piercings of all sorts. In the end, Svetlana spent the whole time helping this homeless lady, while we taught her friend, who happened to be a Hare Krishna. It was a beautiful lesson on the floor of Svetlana's kitchen. While in the end neither of them had real interest in learning more, it was a really great experience for each one involved to come to know other faiths and cultures, and to share the things that are most important to us. We didn't find common ground in Jesus Christ, but we found common ground in serving God's children. The rest of the week, we had multiple experiences in helping Svetlana out with Milada. We were able to use some of the donated materials in the church basement to provide her with clothing and other things to get her cleaned up for job searching. I loved the opportunity to pass through the lives of those women, and to learn from the Christ-like example of Svetlana. God loves each one of His children, and He needs us to do our best to take care of each other. I am so thankful for the gospel and teachings of Jesus Christ, which help me to learn to love others as our Heavenly Father loves us. Love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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