Wednesday, May 9, 2012

"What did you find?"

Dear Family and Friends, Mother dear! Good luck on the Boston Marathon! I can hardly believe you're running as I type. It makes me want to type faster... Tell Jeff Kerr that I'm so excited for him! Wow! What a mission. New York, New York. It's perfect for him. Funny how that works out, huh? When does he take off? He'll be such a powerhouse missionary - I can already see it. Serve your hear out, Jeff! It may seem like a long time, but it will slip through your fingers and before you know it, it will be behind you. Make the best of it. Leave everything behind and don't look back. It will all be okay for when you return - there's no need to leave a part of you behind when the Lord needs every piece of your heart, might, mind and soul to serve those people in New York. When is Michael putting his papers in exactly? This week we had a couple wonderful meetings with the student from Slovakia. She's just downright cool. We actually are now teaching her in English because her English is so flawless. She's even reading the Book of Mormon in English because she thinks it will be better for her than in Czech... we'll see how it goes. She came to church again, and really likes our services. She said she loves how there isn't just one speaker, such as a priest, but that the different members are able to express their testimonies and experiences with the gospel. Church is so good for people. It lets them see how the church actually works, in practice. If you don't come to church, you won't ever really see what kind of people we are and how we interact and apply the gospel of Jesus Christ. It's difficult to get people to church, because they're scared of something that they're not familiar with, but when they come, they see that it's such a comfortable place, that's just full of light and friendly people who recognize that they are weak, but want to follow their Savior. This week at church, our new convert gave her first talk! It was amazing! We took her to a branch counselor's home to teach her about eternal marriage in the temple, and after the lesson, he asked her if she would prepare something on personal revelation. She spent the whole Saturday night preparing it and she delivered one of the sweetest testimonies on personal revelation that I've ever heard. Everyone was quite touched. In Relief Society, we spoke of temple work, and she also told of a miracle that happened to her this week. She was really excited to start her family history work, as she has a mother and a younger brother who passed away, but she was afraid of asking her family for information, because she wasn't sure how they would react. They don't believe in God at all, and look at it as stupidity, and don't want anything to do with her experience with the Mormons. However, just this weekend, she went to visit some graves with her father. Her father began telling her all sorts of information about her great grandparents as well as other people she had never even heard of. He also told her that her uncle did family history as a hobby, and had done so much work that he had information for their ancestors all the way back to Russia! Her father then said that he knew the Mormons did family history, and since she was hanging out with us, if she ever needed help, she could feel free to ask him for it. She was absolutely elated! I was absolutely elated. After Relief Society, the Relief Society turned to me with a big smile and said about this new convert, "What did you find?" I love you all! the gospel is true! Sister Brimhall

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