Wednesday, May 9, 2012

We told him it was possible to be completely cleansed.

Dear Family, Thank you for your emails this week. The spirit filled this internet cafe when I read your words of support, your stories of soul stretching and shaping, and your earth-shaking testimonies. It put a cap on those moments of struggle and doubt I had been experiencing over the last couple weeks. Thank you for loving me so much and striving with all of your might to "work out your own salvation," and forge onward on this path of life, holding to the gospel and seeking the spirit in all those moments of fear or doubt. You all said it right - we're in this together, yes, but we all need to work it out on our own. I want to tell you of several miracles I saw this week. We met with the investigator on the train a couple times over the last couple weeks - the young student who was found on the train by a few of our youth several weeks ago. We call him 3 Nephites. He had been sick for a week and a half, so that really put us behind on our progress with him. In last weeks lesson, after not seeing him for a while, we sat down and followed up on how it was going with reading and praying. I asked him if he had been reading. He said, "Yes, daily." I asked him if he had prayed about the Book of Mormon. He said, "Yes." I asked him if he asked God specifically if it was true. He said, "Yes." I asked him if he felt he had received an answer. He looked up, paused, smiled his golden smile, and said, "Yes, I do. It feels right." He asked us immediately if we could move his baptismal date a bit, as he hadn't expected to be sick for so long. We reassured him that we could and in the next meeting we taught him the gospel of Jesus Christ and moved his date to the 30th of May. As we taught him about the gospel, he asked all sorts of questions about how it happened, what confirmation was like, and so forth. We taught with our recent convert, and she got along so, so well with him. We realized we had never shown him the baptismal font in the building, and so after the lesson we went to take a look. We opened the doors, and Pavel's face just lit up. He looked down into the font, and just beamed. I never forget the scene of her popping out from the side entrance from the girl's bathroom and saying, "This is where I came in from!" She just walked away, smiling from ear to ear. We met a student from Bratislava, Slovakia this week. She has already come to church 3 times, and during this lesson she told us that her mom got so curious about what she was learning with us that she went to the library and found some old translation of the Book of Mormon in Slovak! Petra went home this weekend, so we sent a Czech Book of Mormon with her, and a Liahona from two conferences ago. She wants to bring her mom up to Brno sometime so she can meet us all and come to church. She still needs to dive into the Book of Mormon and give it the time it needs, but she is such an incredibly sharp, curious, sincere young woman. She is someone that the Lord found and needs. We met with Pavla this week to talk more about getting started on family history and getting names ready for the temple trip at the end of May. She was finally able to pull up all the family history work her uncle has done and show us how incredibly prepared she already is! She got so excited as she started clicking on all the names and information her uncle has put together about their family. She was just having so much fun with it, and Sister Pysnakova and I couldn't have been happier. The meeting turned into something truly special as Sister Pysnakova and I felt so impressed that Pavla was the key to the salvation of so many souls. I bore my testimony that her ancestors are very aware of who she is and what she is doing. I don't doubt that they led her to us that day when Sister Izatt and I were contacting, and prompted her to ask what that book was that I was holding. After being so bubbly and energetic, when I said that, Pavla started to quiet down. Sister Pysnakova and I then told of several experiences her family has had and friends of our family have had (Sister Palmer) of passing onto the other side and seeing so much work going on in the spirit world. "Everyone is working so hard, Pavla! They need your help! You are the key." The spirit was so, very strong. I felt very honored to be in Pavla's presence, and to be a part of such a great work. Pavla will be preparing to take her mother's and brother's names to the temple, along with other ancestors in just a few weeks. One morning this week, Sister Pysnakova and I realized that we need to focus our teaching much more on helping people strengthen their faith in Christ. We had a very powerful companion study on the atonement of Jesus Christ and the work of helping people access it's power. That very same day, we were walking around in the city center, and I kept feeling like we should take some odd turns and go a different way than we had planned. I think Sister Pysnakova was a bit confused, because I kept taking turns towards areas that had no people. As we walked, a middle-aged man started walking our way. I stopped him and began to tell him who we are and what we do. Just a few seconds into the contact, he told us that he was a bad man, that he had made quite awful decisions in his life, and that he probably wasn't the right one to be talking to. He said it with such humility, and I knew that we had just encountered a man with a truly repentant heart. Sister Pysnakova and I, with our testimonies of the Atonement overflowing, bore our hearts out to this man and told him the beautiful message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. We told him that it was possible to be completely cleansed, and to make all things right with God again, through our Savior, Jesus Christ. All he asked was, "How do I do it?" We told him to meet us the next morning at 8:45 in front of our church building, and we would explain more then. The next morning, as we turned the corner to our chapel, there he was, waiting, just as he said he would. I felt very strongly the love of Heavenly Father for this man. I will never forget the spirit I felt when we literally ran into a soul that was experiencing true repentance. We are meeting with him tomorrow, and I feel like a grand journey is about to begin. I'm out of time, but I love each one of you, and I know the Lord loves us. Sister Lucy Brimhall

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