Saturday, May 19, 2012

In Prague!

Dear Family and Friends, WOW! Lima, Peru?! Michael, I hardly know what to say. I'm so excited for you. That's where the Lord needs you! That call is a call that comes by the means of revelation, and that is the exact place the Lord needs you to work and labor. There will be people there who need your sunshine of a personality and your incredible work ethic. There will also be people there and experiences awaiting you that will shape the person Heavenly Father desires you to become. You will be able to serve others on your mission, but your mission will mostly serve you. You will learn so much, Michael. I can't wait to hear all about it. I'll be sad to miss you by a couple months, but I can hardly wait to see you on the other side :) I wish we could have you here in the Czech Republic haha, but I know you will do miraculous work in Peru. I love you, brother. Have fun at BYU! Well, you've already heard the news from the Martin couple, I assume, but YES, I have been transferred to the humongous, incredibly diverse capital city of Prague! I am follow-up training Sister Sears from Salt Lake City. She is just about the sweetest, most humble and kind companion. She already finished her degree at Westminster college in finance and spanish/latin american studies. She's 23-years-old. She is super wonderful, and the first thing I noticed about her was her beautifully unique and special view on the gospel. She's had her fill of life experiences, and you can see it in the way she studies and talks about the gospel in application. I'm afraid my camera is dead today, so I can't send any new pictures, but I'll be sure to next week. Some other news: since the office in Prague needs to function on weekdays, my preparation day will now be on Saturdays as long as I'm in Prague. First impressions: I'm not really sure. It's quite big, but we don't cover that much ground as we stick in our area and are mostly at the church, at our apartment, or nearby either of those. My only concern about the city is that we speak an incredible amount of English. Many of the people we teach are foreign, and I haven't met a member yet that doesn't speak fantastic English. I worry about my Czech, but I know that's not what it's about. Heavenly Father needs the gospel to get into the hands of all his children, and my desire to speak better Czech has nothing to do with serving the Lord's children. I'll get over it :) I haven't been able to go to church yet, so I haven't met many of the members (only those we've taught with in the last few days), but of those that I have met (including our most recent converts), they are INCREDIBLE. I love serving in this mission, where you can meet some of the Lord's most elect, who see the truth, claim it, and live by it, despite how much opposition or persecution they may receive from those around them. I've learned more and more in the last few weeks the kind of persecution our members and especially our investigators face the minute they start looking into the church. It is so key for each one of them to read in the Book of Mormon each day, so that they can remember the spirit they felt, and why they felt that pull to learn in the first place. They are truly pioneers, and I admire each one of them so, very much. Just as with any time you switch areas, I still feel a pang of missing my beloved Brno branch and investigators, but I know as soon as we go to church and I'm able to dive into the lives of all these members and investigators, my heart will love them just as much. I LOVE this work, and you can't help but love the people as you see them grow and make strides in the gospel. Sister Pysnakova stayed in Brno and will be in a threesome with my old companion, Sister White, and with Sister Jorgensen, who is in her 3rd transfer. They are so lucky! I hope to return a few times in the next couple months to see some of our investigators baptized. To finish up some stories from Brno: We taught "P" about tithing and about the priesthood before I left, and he is still excited to be baptized on the 30th of May! His family is still very against the idea, but he's the smiliest, happiest thing and is whizzing through the Book of Mormon. The student we teach, finally accepted a baptismal date for the middle of June and has started reading the Book of Mormon daily! She said in our lesson this week that when she reads, she can hardly describe how she feels... it is like "fascination." She said herself, "No mortal man could have written this book!" Our beautiful new investigator, came to say goodbye on my last day. She was sick for about a week, so we weren't able to meet, and in that time a friend of her put some ideas into her head that made her doubt her choice to investigate the church. She was quite conflicted about it, but then she sat down and read a chapter in the Book of Mormon that we recommended to her about the atonement of Jesus Christ (Alma 7). She said to us in our next lesson, "It's true! I just know it is. Everything there is true." She felt the spirit again, and she was renewed in her dedication to studying the gospel and coming to know God and her Savior, Jesus Christ. I only taught her for a couple weeks, but she left such a deep, lasting impression on me. I love each one of them so, very much. I was sad to leave Paval - she was such a big part of my life from January until now, but I'm so excited to see her make her way in the gospel. She will be going to the temple for the first time next weekend! I feel so blessed to have served in that area when Heavenly Father led these incredible, prepared, young people to the restored gospel of Jesus Christ. I'm looking forward to digging into the area of Prague! Sister Sears and I are ready to build up our pool of investigators and find those that are prepared to hear and accept it! I love this work and I love my Savior. I love each one of you, and I know Heavenly Father cares and is watching over us. He is aware of each one of our situations in life, and He is ready to bless us and guide us when we turn to Him. All my love, Sestra Lucy Brimhall

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