Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Dropping beautifully prepared people into our laps!

On the way back from the conference in Prague, when Elder Christofferson came to visit.

My poor tired greenie! Sister Pysnak

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you for the birthday wishes! I still haven't gotten your package, Mother, but I got a package from Grandma and Grandpa, so I'll have something to open :) We'll be having training for the trainers and the greenies this Thursday, so perhaps it will show up then! I sent you a little note for your birthday today, Mom, so I hope it gets to you. Also, I sent a letter to Michelle, which also has a letter for Diana in it. I don't think you ever gave me your new address, Diana, so I hope both your letters get to BYU before you finish the semester!

Well, well, this week I feel like I did very little work, and the Lord did most all of it. He has literally been dropping beautifully prepared people into our laps! One of our members invited a friend at work to our English classes, and she has started meeting with us. She's a young girl from Russia who is currently learning English and Czech. We speak in Czech with her. She accepted a baptismal date so willingly, and this week when we watched the film of Joseph Smith and the first vision, she said afterwards that she just felt light through the whole thing. She's such a sweet, sincere, young girl, and we've been blown away at how open she is. We also met for the first time with another young man who just showed up to our English class. This week we taught a lesson to our English students about the organization of the church - how it is organized exactly after the way Christ organized his church, meaning we have a prophet, twelve apostles, seventies, and so forth. We then invited them to general conference, which will be this weekend. This young man was just beaming throughout the lesson. I caught him right as he was walking out, and asked him about himself. He said he was a believer, and was raised Catholic, but has already stopped attending. He just wasn't sure about the way the church chose to function, and had some doubts about the authority within. He said he really liked how we function just like Christ's church did. I didn't waste any time, and asked him if he had time to meet with us the next day. He smiled and said yes. The next day, he loved the lesson of the restoration, and accepted a baptismal date whole-heartedly! If that isn't enough, on Sunday, right as we had arrived at church and were taking off our coats (yes, it turned cold again), a young girl walked in the door. She turned to us and said, "Hi, I'm here for the first time, like just as a visitor. That's okay, right?" We said, "Why, of course!" and took her in to get her seated. She's from Bratislava, Slovakia, but studeis here in Brno. She had seen the missionaries in Slovakia, but had never really talked to them. She usually goes home for the weekend, and goes to to an evangelist church with her mom there, but this weekend she decided to stay in Brno. She didn't know what church to go to, but she had just run across our building one day as she was walking and decided to come on Sunday and see what it was like. She's absolutely incredible! She stayed for all 3 hours and had so many questions for us. She also speaks perfect English as well as Czech, and had heard about the presence of our church in Utah. We have a meeting with her tomorrow morning at a member family's house. The members were so great on Sunday - she literally couldn't get out the door, so many people were stopping her and introducing themselves! I love Brno. This branch is amazing. The missionary work is also on fire! We had another baptism this last weekend from one of the elders' areas, so that makes 3 baptisms in this city, 3 weeks in a row!

As for the little ball of light that was baptized last week, she is doing so, very well. We've been teaching her a lot still, trying to teach her with all sorts of members in the branch, trying to BIND her to the church, as our leaders counsel us to do. She will be getting a calling soon, and she is already good friends with many of the youth. I had the idea to give her a "True to the Faith" book for her baptism, and she's been reading all sorts of things in there. She just thirsts for information about the church and the gospel! On Sunday she asked me how you go about getting a patriarchal blessing, haha. She's already going to teach another investigator with us tonight, and she's planning to go on the temple trip which is coming up in May. She's amazing! A little miracle. She will be such a strength to the branch, and I'm so grateful to Heavenly Father for the opportunity to see her grow.

I'm so happy to be serving as a missionary of the Lord. I'm so happy to see how the gospel brings light into people's lives and answers questions that have gone a long time unanswered. I love seeing it fill the gaps, turn on a lightbulb, and quench a thirst for truth. I know that as we dedicate ourselves to following our Savior, Jesus Christ, we will find a kind of joy in our lives that we've never experienced before. We have been blessed with the light of continuing revelation in our day through prophets and apostles who guide God's kingdom on the earth. How blessed are we? He loves us so very much.

All my love,
Sestra Lucy Brimhall

On the top of a beautiful Catholic church, in the bell tower with the district.

All of these are on a little walk in nature/new convert lesson with Pavla and Sister Mareckova down by the Brno resevoir :)

Me and Sister Mareckova

Sister Smith, Sister Pysnak in front and Pavla and me in the back.

Elder Buhler, Dalifor (new baptism), Elder Coleman, Branch President Vyt, Standa (branch mission leader)

Sister Pysnak, Sister Brimhall, Pavla, Veronica (in the branch), Sdenek & Vasek (brothers in the branch), Dalifor & Lenka (his girlfriend0, Pavel (putting his mission papers in soon), in the front are Elder Coleman, Elder Buhler and Sister Smith.

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