Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oh, boy. Beautiful things are happening!

Dear Family and Friends,

Oh, boy. Beautiful things are happening!

First things first, I forgot to congratulate Michael on being accepted to BYU! That's fantastic, brother. I'm so excited you get to go experience that university. I absolutely loved my time at BYU. I learned so much there - not just in class, but from the infinite amount of good examples I had around me. Too bad we won't be able to be there together! Take advantage of the time to just be around really good people. We've been so blessed to be raised in a good family, with righteous friends, and every resource of the church we could want.

There are few who get to experience so much of that good in the world; rather, many are stuck in places where the bad outweighs any good that may be around. I've thought so much about the counsel I've gotten from my young women's and other youth leaders growing up. I think specifically of the certain principles of the gospel they taught us time and time again, almost drilling them into our heads. I became more and more grateful for the counsel and warning the older and older I got, and the more and more I faced those temptations or trials my leaders always foretold. I look at our investigators now, who haven't been blessed with that kind of repeated teaching, and who are trying to climb out of the pits of bad that they may be in. Perhaps they have family members at home who do not keep the commandments, or all their friends are unbelievers and don't understand the fact that we have a God, and he has commandments that will give us the greatest happiness we could desire. Heavenly Father gives us all that we have, every breath, every ability, every gift, every blessing. ALL He asks of us is that we obey his commandments. He then promises to bless us immediately, and with 100% guarantee when we do (Mosiah 2). All He wants is for us to be happy. Every day I think (quite ironically, since I am full of mistakes myself), why don't people just understand this principle? If we could just follow the commandments, we will be happy. We do not have the guarantee that no trials or difficulties will come into our lives. No. But we do have the guarantee that God will be at our support, and we will have the right perspective, and enough spiritual, emotional, mental strength to overcome and conquer. May we all remember our God and just keep the commandments! That is all He asks. I know, with all of my heart, and with concrete evidence taken from the lives of our investigators and the ebbs and flows of their keeping of those commandments, that Heavenly Father WILL bless us, and DOES bless us when we keep His commandments! Let's all buck up and do it! With all of our hearts!

Mother, thank you for your counsel and please thank Bishop for his prayers. It was very much needed during this time on my mission. Did you know I'm one of the older sisters now? After the transfer ends in two and a half weeks, me and my MTC companions will be the next oldest, after one other sister in the mission. It's definitely more upsetting than anything, to be honest, haha. I don't like that I've been out that long, and that that means I have little time left.

Before I run out of time, I have to tell you one of the beautiful things that is happening! The young women we've been teaching, the one who is looking for new work, and who originally contacted US on the street, is making such AMAZING progress! She came to church for the first time this week, and the members did such a wondrous job at reaching out to her! She came in a skirt, and even looked Mormon. She stayed for all three hours, and even stayed for choir! She's making friends with the families, as well as the youth. She met the branch president on Sunday and arranged to go up with all the members on a bus to Prague in a couple weeks when Elder Christofferson comes!!! Oh wow, she's doing so well and she's on plan to be baptized on March 24th! Pray your hearts out! She's a future leader in the Czech!

I love you all!
Sister Lucy Brimhall

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