Sunday, January 22, 2012

"A lot of people don't know about this; you have a lot of work to do... God bless you."

Sister Izatt, Jana, Sister Brimhall

Dear Family and Friends,

Thank you again for your love and support and emails! It's like Christmas morning every time I see an inbox full of your emails. I love you all so very much.

The last several days have been just beautiful. I heard many things about the horrors of working in a threesome before my mission, but I'm currently in my third one and I love it for the third time. I love these two sisters. It's like fast-paced learning when you have two companions to observe, work with, and learn from. Sister Smith came in with fire and a lot of will to overcome all fear and weakness and do the Lord's work. Sister Izatt is just as fiery, and the boldness of both of these sisters has taught me so much and worked incredible miracles this week. Wow, I've learned so much from my companions. I am overwhelmingly grateful for that aspect of my mission.

We're working with so many beautiful people right now, but I'll tell you about a few experiences that stood out this week. A couple weeks ago, Sister Izatt and I were contacting in the city center. A young man walked out of a store, and Sister Izatt almost ran him over when she called his attention and started talking to him. After a couple minutes of talking to this fantastic young man, who was super interested, I noticed a young woman standing off to the side, waiting to talk to us. That NEVER happens! After a minute, I told Sister Izatt I was going to leave her to the contact by herself, because I had to go talk to this girl. I went up to her, and she immediately asked me about the book I was holding in my hand. I taught a short lesson about the restoration, and explained the Book of Mormon to her. She asked if we had time that day to talk more. We unfortunately didn't, but we set up for the next day! This young woman is so special. She is currently working 2 jobs, living with her younger sister, who is still studying. Her mother passed away several years ago from pneumonia, and her brother passed away when he was 17 because of a "long story." She's traveled the world, and speaks multiple languages, and ever since her mother told her on her deathbed that she really did "believe," this young woman has been trying to find out if she believes too. Her sister things it's absolute nonsense, and her father does as well. However, she doesn't. She believes God exists and she believes Jesus Christ really is our Savior. She's read A LOT, in the scriptures and in other books, and now she's eating up the Book of Mormon. During our first lesson with her, we laid out the message of the restoration and gave her her own copy of the book. She asked fantastic questions, and couldn't wait to start. We had a second meeting with her this week, and she came in with all sorts of questions. She also told us how she had already explained and talked for a long time with her father, sister, and other strangers about this book. In fact, when she was opening up for work this week, a lady knocked on the door an hour before they were to open. She asked if she could come in and just get some coffee. She let her in. The older lady asked if she had any reading material. She said she didn't, but if she liked, she could read her Book of Mormon, which she had carried with her all week. The lady started going through it and asking our investigator all sorts of questions. She happened to have a 14-year-old grandson who was looking for the right church... The older lady was from out of town, but she took the pamphlet we had given our investigator, and she said she would call the number. Oh wow, this young woman is so special. What a life she's had, and what a sincere, searching soul she has. She's taught me more than we've taught her, I think. I'll keep you updated on her progress. Pray that she will be able to get work off on Sundays!

Mother, you asked about if we work more with the young. Yes, we do. We do actually have some older investigators, and there are older people who get baptized as well, but unfortunately the older generations tend to decide that we have nothing more to give to them than what they already have. It's very hard to break the shell these Czech citizens have built up over the last few decades of history. It really is with the youth that we find those who are searching, and are willing to learn. I could write pages about the effects of history on the generations here and their perspective on religion, but unfortunately there's no time.

Quotes from our last lesson with the young man from Syria: "After the 8th chapter I really started to love it!" "I've been feeling a change in my life lately...It's not like anything changed around me, but it's a change inside, in my heart...My view on the world is changing..." "A lot of people don't know about this; you have a lot of work to do... God bless you."

I love you all! I know this Church is true. I know the Book of Mormon is the word of God. I love my Savior. So, so very much.

Sister Lucy Brimhall

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