Monday, November 14, 2011


Dearest family and friends,

I'm going to send a couple pictures on! Unfortunately, I haven't been super great at taking pictures, so there's not much to send on. However, one is a picture of my last district in Ceske Budejovice. We thought posing in our regular Sunday positions might describe the transfer the best :) The next is a picture with my new companion, Sister Izatt. She's fantastic.

The last few days have been chock full of beautiful moments. I absolutely love my new area. It has such a different feel to it, as the branch is much bigger and functions quite independently, and the city is so much larger and livlier. Our responsibilities have shrunk a bit, and we're able to put most everything into classic missionary work. It's quite a blessing for the missionaries, and quite a blessing for the members that they have so much here for them.

A few houskeeping items: I know, it's quite a bummer that we don't get to hear the end of the story with the family we found, eh? However, when I see Sister White sometime, which may not be for a while as we're on different sides of the country, then I will definitely ask what ever happened and send the news on home. Of course, I think about people in my last area, and I wonder about those that we found; however, missionary work is missionary work wherever you are, and the minute I stepped foot into Brno, my heart was here, with these people and this branch. There's no reason, and certainly no time to look back! And most of all, the people I've met just in the last few days need my whole heart, might, mind and strength. Father, that was such a funny connection you had with the Izatts! Small world, indeed. Mother, I absolutely love hearing about what's going on in Relief Society and how my beautiful ward back home is working so hard to help each other, improve, plan, magnify their callings, and do the Lord's work. The faith of our ward back home gives me a lot of strength and vision for the church in this country. We have a grand responsibility to lift where we stand, and help every soul vytrvat do konce ("endure to the end"), and return to our loving Father in Heaven. This work is grand, and it is the Lord's.

Well, as I said, the last few days have been chock full of beautiful moments. When I came in, the area was doing quite well, but needed a little boost. We don't have a very large pool of people we're working with, but we do have some really special souls that the sisters found last transfer. This last week has been all about the Atonement, and the power it has in peoples lives. I've met three investigators so far that the sisters were working with. The first was a young, Slovak man who is just brilliant. When the sisters found him, he had already met with missionaries in the past, read the whole Book of Mormon, and stopped meeting with the missionaries, because he felt like he was teaching them more than they were teaching him. His heart was a little hardened, and from what I heard, he was seeking to disprove the book, rather than seek whether it really was true. We had a meeting with him this week (my first lesson in English on my mission, as English is our best bet, rather than Slovak). He came, having read the chapter the sisters gave him, and he had a question about what the "infinite Atonement" means. The lesson turned into a beautiful discussion about the power of the Atonement, the love of God and that He will never let us down, and the gospel of Jesus Christ. In the middle of the lesson, we still hadn't gotten to our planned lesson material, but I felt a very strong, undeniable prompting to teach this young man about baptism, and commit him to follow the example of his Savior by being baptized himself. We read 2 Nephi 31:5, and I asked him if he would prepare for baptism on a day in January. He was hesitant, and I think quite surprised, but family, I saw the Spirit work in such a real way, and he accepted the date. Ah. Beautiful moment.

Oh wow, already out of time. However, I didn't even get to some of the best moments. Next week, I guess! I love you all! I love missionary work! I'm having the best time of my life.

I love the Lord. I love this gospel. I know it changes lives.

I am profoundly grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

Sister Lucy Brimhall

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