Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Rollercoaster of a week!


Thank you for your emails! I sent pictures this week! The pictures at the castle were from a few weeks ago when we visitied Hluboka Castle. Beautiful, eh? There are other pictures from our little day trip last P-day to Cesky Krumlov. It is known as one of the most beautiful little spots in the Czech Republic, and it's super close to my city. It was unbelievable how perfect that little town was (and also how many Chinese tourist groups were there). Another picture is with one of our little investigators, who is 10-years-old, and another picture is of the baptism we had a couple weeks ago! One of the Elder's investigators got baptized, but unfortunately the investigator we had on date did not (yet). Another picture is at the apartment of one of our dear members who is 90-years-old. She made us knedliky (dumplings) with her special mushroom sauce. Oh, my. I love Czech food. She then proceeded to take out her books about mushrooms and started telling us about all the different mushrooms you can find here. Czechs love mushrooms. In fact, right after I finish this email, our recently baptized member (a cute, old man) is taking the missionaries, one of our investigators, and another member out into the forest to go mushroom hunting! I'm excited.

Well, I have little time, but this week was such a rollercoaster of a week. It started on Monday with us dropping off Sister Glaus in Prague and everybody crying. Sister Andersen and I then came back and had so much work to do. We have a new investigator that we picked up a couple weeks ago who is just amazing! He hadn't had much experience with faith at all before he started meeting with us. He's progressing so well, loving the Book of Mormon, and praying and reading so much. However, we are praying and fasting hard for him, as his parents may keep him from being baptized. We've committed him to September 3rd. We also had some really disappointing experiences this week with a couple investigators. It's really painful to watch people choose things contrary to their eternal progression and true happiness in the gospel. I'm starting to feel the heaviness of missionary work. I'm starting to understand why people say you will experience great sorrow, but also exceeding joy on your mission. However, every morning and every night, I kneel next to my bed and I thank Heavenly Father for my opportunity to be here and to be His hands. This work is so grand, and I feel beyond blessed to be a part of it and to feel my Savior right next to me in every step.

Have to go, but a couple things:
Mother, do you know anyone that is a primary master? We're really struggling with teaching the basic doctrines of the gospel to a few kids. They're around 10, but they're a bit behind in their education levels. Any good object lessons or ideas? I could really use them if anyone in our ward or elsewhere has worked in primary for a while!

Also, good luck to all who are leaving on missions this month! Rachel, Rebecca, and Rubie! Good luck! Michelle, good luck in Guate! Diana, I hope Brazil is wonderful!

Grandma and Grandpa, I want to see a picture of Grandpa's clock! And thank you for the Ol' News, my companions loved looking at it with me!

Abby, I talked to Sister Irwing a ton this week about her and her husband's jobs in the deaf school in England! It was tons of fun, and she taught me a bit of BSL!

Love you!
Sestra Brimhall

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