Friday, June 24, 2011

Tell Lauren I love her!

Ahahaha! Mom, I just screamed in the MTC computer lab when I saw those pictures of Michael and Danny in Thailand and Cambodia. It looks unreal! They look like they're having such a good time. I'm so glad Danny got to make it over there - he's been talking about it forever! Ahh, thank you for sending those! They made my P day!

Well, computers at the MTC tend to rebel whenever you try to communicate with the outside world, so I have little time. I'll get the important things out of the way first. We leave in 2 weeks! As far as I know, July 4th still has not changed, but we do not have our travel plans yet. I should have them by next Tuesday so I can write you then. I'm not sure how the calling and everything works. I know as much as you do at this point. But will you let me know exactly what's happening on your side, so I can figure out if anything special needs to happen? I may even be able to call Abby as well during one of my layovers. I'm not sure. I can't get over how cool those pictures of the boys were! Tell Michael thank you for his hilarious letter (I read parts of it out loud to my district), and tell them both to write me when they get back! I dreamt the other night that I was out traveling with them, ha. Also, Mom, I think I'm okay as far as needing anything. I can get most things here at the MTC or in the Czech, so no worries.

Well, this week was just another incredible one. I was reviewing what happened over the week in order to tell you the highlights, and all I really ever do is go to class and then meetings, and then personal study, and then comp study, and then fantastic firesides. My whole week consists of receiving personal revelation and strengthening my testimony and my understanding of this glorious gospel. Thus, the highlights of my week are the highlights of my study, so that is what you get! Sorry if it's not as interesting as you'd hope. I'm sure I'll have crazy stories to report in 2 weeks, so get ready.

Just one of the things I've really thought about this week is something I discovered during sacrament meeting last Sunday. I was reading about Christ feeding the 5,000 in Matthew 14. I've never really applied this story to myself in the way that I did this week. But I love how Jesus tells the apostles in verse 16, "They need not depart; give ye them to eat." He realizes there is a host of people that need to be tended to and fed. He tells his disciples to feed them, to attend to their needs and give them nourishment. Every person in the Czech Republic, in our communities, in our friends, in our families needs and deserves the light of the gospel and the love of Christ. They reply, saying, "We have here but five loaves, and two fishes." I have here but a few words and phrases in Czech, I have here but a small understanding of the scriptures and of people. I have here but a young, inexperienced girl who wishes to do what Thou asks, but recognizes what a meager amount I have to offer. In verse 18, "He said, Bring them hither to me." Verse 20: "And they did all eat, and were filled: and they took up of the fragments that remained twelve baskets full." Something I loved that one of my elders said this week was that it's really easy for me to doubt myself, but it's really hard for me to doubt the Lord. So, if I lose myself in the work, I can do this. If I bring what I have to him, if I give it all, holding back nothing, he will make it up. He will tend to his children, and the gospel will be spread, using what little talents and knowledge I have gained. That's really beatiful, isn't it? I can hardly stop saying how beautiful the Atonement is. I wish for all to understand it. I'll stop there. I know one day these study journals will be so precious. I feel very blessed and honored to be in a place where the Spirit is so strong and I'm able to feel Him so near. Thank you, Mom and Dad, for helping me be here. I love it so much.

Well, with 2 weeks left, our district is definitely going a little crazy. It's hilarious here all the time. With my two hilarious companions, and the 9 elders with loads of personality, it never stops. A football is always being tossed around, we can never study through a break or the elders will get on our cases.. we never stop hearing, "Sestra Bean! Sestra White! Sestra Brimhall!" It's going to be a wild ride when we take all 12 of us on that long flight to Prague. We're going to miss each other, for sure. But it's going to be such a great day when all of us get together at Mission conferences again. We've grown really close, and the MTC will be a very fond memory for us all I think.

I'm really happy here. I think about you all every night in my prayers. I plead to Heavenly Father that you will feel how much I love you! Know that I do.

Sestra Lucy Brimhall

P.S. Tell Lauren I love her!

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